God said, “It is not because he is despicable that I delay My gift to him: That very delay is an aid.

His need brought him from heedlessness to Me, pulling him by the hair to My lane.

Were I to satisfy his need, he would go back and immerse himself in that game.

Although he laments to the bottom of his soul: ‘Oh Thou whose protection is sought!’

Let him weep with a broken heart and wounded breast.

For I am pleased by his voice, his saying, ‘Oh God!’ and by his secret prayers.

People cage parrots and nightingales to hear the sound of their sweet songs.

But how should they put crows and owls into cages? Who indeed has heard tale of that?

Know for certain that this is the reason the believers suffer disappointment in good and evil.


  • me: *is arrested*
  • police officer when we get to the jail: alright you get one phone call
  • me: okay
  • me: *calls jk rowling*
  • me: listen, is lavender brown dead or not?